FortuneWest analyses buyer behaviour to optimise sales journeys and build buying cultures that outperform cold selling

FortuneWest analyses buyer behaviour to optimise sales journeys and build buying cultures that outperform cold selling

FortuneWest's practical, facilitated sales training is designed to answer questions that directly affect your chances of converting business opportunities into revenue streams.

  • Do you know how your customers make buying decisions?
  • Has an important deal recently been lost and you're not sure why?
  • Are your sales processes and sales people in tune?
  • Is the value of potential business qualified before resources are put in place to win it?
  • Do your sales people need practical help from time to time?

Most Managing Directors, Chief Execs, Owners and Sales Directors don’t have the time to get hands-on with some of the critical sales issues that affect companies’ ability to develop strong sales pipelines and win good, profitable orders.

While FortuneWest’s sales acceleration programmes can be characterised as sales training, they take the form of a facilitated approach during which we get to know your company and your people and help them in a hands-on way with the sales issues they face.

Think of our approach as a ‘live fix’ for your real world sales challenges.

If you have tried sales training in the past, you may have found it heavy going, too theoretical or too rigid. When sales training content is fixed, it is harder to translate its benefits into results and profits.


FortuneWest provides practical help to look at how deals are won and lost, improve pipeline and forecasting accuracy (and honesty!), sharpen value propositions, enhance team communications, and optimise direct and indirect sales.  We’ll look at any area of your business that you think needs review, from proposal style to company culture.

Now that the economy is picking up, it’s a good time to review your market and how effectively your sales team is geared to address it.

FortuneWest can help you in a number of ways, including services from ‘ride along’ support for your sales people to ‘sales discovery’ that involves a deeper review of your sales process, or ongoing sales coaching.

The best way to evaluate the usefulness and likely return on investment of FortuneWest’s sales acceleration programmes, is to book a simple ONE DAY SALES REVIEW designed to highlight the most important aspects of success or risk within your current sales set up.

Please get in touch and let us know your area of interest.

If yours is a newly formed company, speak to FortuneWest about sales team recruitment, on-boarding and sales department structure.


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