When and why should you consult a sales strategist? In good, bad or indifferent times?

When and why should you consult a sales strategist? In good, bad or indifferent times?

When and why should you consult a sales strategist?

It can seem like an unnatural thing to do, or an admission of under-performance, to bring in a strategist or sales outsider. However there are many occasions on which it’s exactly the right thing to do.

Executives frequently feel the need to find an expert gun-for-hire for a short time, to validate direction, to help with problematic change programmes, to borrow some objectivity, to find a sounding board, or to remove emotion from decision making.

Why 'sales strategist?' At FortuneWest, we worry about the measurable benefits of consultancy, when it involves a fat report and a fat invoice. So, we prefer to use the word strategist, who we view as a ‘functional consultant’ who will be accountable, as opposed to an expensive desktop theorist.

The ‘WHEN’: In what circumstances should you look for a sales strategist?

The answers are: in good times, in bad times, and in indifferent times.

FortuneWest identifies classic sales performance scenarios in our Sales Strategy brochure:

  1. Don’t quit when you’re ahead
  2. Safe but becalmed
  3. No one looking above the parapet
  4. How did we get here?!

They all call for timely action; but the precise narture of the action can be difficult to define without objective assistance.

And it can get very personal

There are many circumstances in which the need for an outside sales strategist is brought about by an Executive’s personal situation, as opposed to the company’s situation.

FortuneWest identifies these classic personal sales scenarios:

  1. Knight to King
    It’s more common than anyone would like to admit that at senior management level people get shuffled around and frequently end up in roles they may not have felt inclined to apply for! It’s generally not that they are not equipped for the role, or that the Peter Principle has kicked in, but they definitely feel in need of some top-up, on-tap expertise. Consider the case of the FD who is made MD with responsibility for sales strategy and sales delivery. Wouldn’t anyone feel a little exposed? Who can you turn to add insight, seasoned battle experience and lend a hand at the sales pump?
  2. Too long sighted
  3. They’ve always done it this way
  4. Blood on the carpet

FortuneWest can help in circumstances when the Senior Eexcutive responsible for leadership and sales is professionally. Again, issues are best addressed quickly and head on; he or she needs to make a positive statement about how the future is going to evolve and what concrete actions are going to bring it to fruition.

For a full account of circumstances in which a Sales Strategy consultant can help you or your business, read or download the FortuneWest brochure When and why should you consult a sales strategist?