Public relations (PR): publicity that helps you to influence or lead the market, not follow it meekly

Public relations (PR): publicity that helps you to influence or lead the market, not follow it meekly

There is one thing that runs, as a common thread, through everything FortuneWest has done irrespective of the client, the sector or the project. And that´s effective communication through publicity. Fortunewest usually engages with customers during times of change when it is paramount to success that everybody involved in the change knows why it’s happening, when, where, who and how. And why they should give a damn.

Public relations, in our experience, is the marketing discipline best suited to the job of creating awareness and understanding. It is the only one of the traditional marketing disciplines that operates on dialogue rather than monologue. When running well, PR attracts positive interest, makes ambassadors of your customers and converts stakeholders into corporate champions. PR engages audiences not just with key messages or strap lines, it engages audiences with stories; it contextualises change, works at macro or detailed level, is highly flexible yet can often seem invisible.


It’s the conversation at the water cooler, the article in the trade media, the word on the floor, the piece in the newspaper and what your customers are saying about you. PR is strong at times of change; used overtly it aligns supporters, undermines detractors and ensures that change is seen and spoken about in the correct context.

FortuneWest journalists will help you to spread the word online and in print. We work in many sectors including IT, security, hospitality, retail and NFP.  Our full service PR professionals will manage your publicity from client relations through to media and press liaison.  

“If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”
Albert Einstein


FortuneWest Public Relations helps companies in Berkshire and throughout the UK to create awareness and understanding of their products, services, performance and company objectives. Read more about our full range of PR and marketing communications.