Inbound marketing agency services. An effective inbound marketing strategy means following some simple principles to get found, be relevant, influence and charm.

Inbound marketing agency services. An effective inbound marketing strategy means following some simple principles to get found, be relevant, influence and charm.

A prospect is generally more than half way through their buying decision by the time they engage with you. Inbound marketing enables you to help them to buy rather than pushing a high impact sales message.

To put Inbound in context, here are a few behaviour facts (2014) to help you decide if you're missing out and whether your sales attraction could be improved:

  • 61% of Internet users research online - do they find you?
  • 44% of online shoppers start by using a search engine
  • 75% of people don't scroll past the first page of search results - are you there?
  • 70% of the links search users click on are organic
  • 70-80% of users ignore paid ads
  • Search leads have a 14.6% close rate while outbound averages 1.7% - what ratio are you experiencing?
  • Companies with 30+ web pages generate 7x more leads than those with fewer than 10
  • 79% of marketing leads fail to convert into sales for want of a lead nurturing programme - are you able to stay in touch with prospects?

The way people buy has changed. It is no longer acceptable for marketers and advertisers simply to interrupt you in the middle of something else you are doing and hijack your attention. Most people want greater personal choice, more community interaction and, of course, the advent of search engines has changed the way we research for ever.

The majority of people making a purchase will do some research. The most potent referral will come from a friend, colleague or trusted source who recommends or advocates your service or product based on personal experience.

You can mobilise advocates and referral partners and affiliates as part of your inbound (pull) marketing strategy. Sometimes, feeding advocates and associates with new information and marketing materials associated with your outbound (push) marketing is used to keep your company message fresh and interesting.

The key to successful inbound marketing is to realise that one message does not fit all. There are different buyer types on different stages of their buying journey. Consider:

  • Novice - learning about products
  • Expert - knows the topic well
  • Comparer - comparing suppliers, functionality, price, etc
  • Browser - not actually interested in buying immediately
  • Buyer - ready to commit, looking for validation

The list goes on, of course. The point being that if you can present each of these buyer types with information and a value proposition relevant to their specific point of view, as opposed to a cluttered generic proposition, they are that much more likely to 'stick'. The more specific you can be in your message, the more likely you are to attract someone with a matching goal in mind. If fortune is with us, you arrived at this page because you have an interest in inbound marketing as opposed to other services we provide as a multi-disciplinary agency, such as design, PR or sales improvement.

Some aspects of inbound marketing are common sense. You are setting out to attract buyers, convert them into customers and thrill them so that they remain loyal, become advocates and generate more customers for you. If you were running a produce market stall, you'd have some advertising or signage so people could find you, and you'd organise your stall for different buyers. Say, standard produce, exotic items, bulk purchases, today's recommendation, a sampling section. You may help your own cause and enhance the visitor's experience by having some 'how to' literature that removes any concerns someone may have about preparation or cooking, i.e., remove barriers to purchase. Perhaps there's a special offer or club item for regulars.

If we translate this to the 'net, your signage is likely to be blog content, key words and social marketing; your conversion tactics will include strong calls to action; and you will close business and generate more business using digital marketing and CRM tools. The use of video is a strong engagement tool that is educative, improves dwell time and enquiry levels.

Much of inbound marketing effort centres on content, and sometimes on landing pages, which can cause concern for the uninitiated who want to develop their inbound marketing. However, it needn't, as the content usually exists already and only needs re-purposing, or, at worst, it is not life-sapping to produce. Read more about content marketing.

There are some useful tools available to help you gauge and benchmark how your inbound marketing is currently performing. If you'd like us to run a rule over your current inbound marketing or to talk about helping you get more people to visit your stall, buy your wares and refer you, please get in touch.


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