Ignition - Aligning marketing and sales

Ignition - Aligning marketing and sales

Make sure everyone knows who is responsible for the 5 sales steps from awareness to purchase

Sales and marketing aren’t always the perfect match. It’s time to ignite team play. If last year was about focusing on lead generation, now is the time to gear marketing activity to sales performance.

To help companies in need of urgent leads, FortuneWest went back to its roots in the early 1990s and re-shaped a staged demand generation programme: data research > messaging > results investigation > appointment setting, as well as recreating customer survey programmes aimed at retention and cross-selling. Get more information Demand Generation.

However, as you might expect to hear from a marketing company, an organisation cannot be entirely sales-led all the time - selling will lose strategic focus and end up aiming only at ‘nearby’ opportunity rather than customer service or growing the market.


Our experience is that if a sales lead does not convert, the opportunity may be abandoned too soon, which means a competitor who persists may close the sale sometime later, perhaps after many subsequent contacts.

In your organisation, whose responsibility is it to nurture opportunity and manage relationships after the first pitch? Will the sales team persist and do the best job if they're focused solely on this quarter's targets or bonus?

Get more info about Quick Wins and the 5 sales steps and who owns the 'nurture pot' in the downloads below.

FortuneWest remains sensitive to the fact that any recovery in the economy remains fragile, so any marketing claim that does not support sales is unlikely to get a sympathetic hearing.

We have to counter any perception that marketing is a discretionary budget, not business critical.

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