FortuneWest Engagement programmes

FortuneWest Engagement programmes

Time to weigh up the return on investment of insourced and outsourced marketing, or a blend that meets your long term goals and short term needs.

FortuneWest provides retained and project-based support to national and international companies and works with internal marketing teams to provide expertise or a stronger local presence.

FortuneWest's RouteOne service is primarily for small companies and SMEs based on a proposition that we can work as part of your strategic team on a nominal cost basis so that you don't have to generate double budgets for personnel and project or campaign development, or production.

To help to justify full engagement we have developed a number of pre-engagement programmes that allow us to take a 'deep dive' into your market.

To get to know the movers within your company, and to give you something back in the form of a strategic review, an opportunity roadmap or new customer insight. That is, something fresh, practical and actionable as opposed to glossy, theoretical and complex.

FortuneWest project management involves rigorous needs investigation, a concise actionable plan and a commitment to step-by-step measured progress to achieve predictable outcomes.

FortuneWest pre-engagement programmes are designed to meet your most immediate and pressing needs within a one-off affordable budget.

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