Digital agency, web design agency for today's consumer and the emerging always-on generation

Digital agency, web design agency for today's consumer and the emerging always-on generation

Our digital design studio benefits from the rare combination of creative talent that is also business-focused and designers with wide technical expertise.

FortuneWest has a long history in design for print, packaging, exhibitions, POS and direct mail. We were also an early adopter of digital design and marketing tools.

Twice in the Internet age, designers have lost ground to techies. In the first days of web design - when a programmer-produced website button physically looked like a button - and in the first days of search - when keyword stuffing and link farming won the fight for site traffic regardless of design standards. We've always tried to achieve great results and remain true to the principles of innovative design.

Our digital design encompasses online strategy, web design, e-marketing and animation incorporating tracking tools to measure activity. Because digital options appear to offer a cheap communications alternative, to those who carpet bomb the world with email or Flash ads, they can have a lower perceived value in the eyes of the recipient.

FortuneWest believes in remarkable design that represents our customer's cause authentically and effectively.

After a FortuneWest InSight programme we can guide our customers on what the market expects of suppliers in their category, how they search, what they look for, and what makes them commit. The next step is to ensure that our customer does not look 'me too' and expresses their personality and products consistently to optimise sales or, in the case of NFPs and clubs, membership or advocacy.

"Art has to move you and design does not, unless it's a good design for a bus."
David Hockney

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