Full service video production, 3D animation and photography from concept to content creation, promotion and distribution

Full service video production, 3D animation and photography from concept to content creation and publication

Video is expected to be the dominant marketing and promotional format in the very near future

In FortuneWest video production, 3D graphics and animation we do all the planning so that you only have to enjoy the results. With other providers you may find that you have to spend too much time briefing them, or generate most of the ideas and content. Our standard service includes story-boarding, scripting, media coaching, interviews, location planning, voice-over and presenters, if required, and post-production.

You will notice the difference if you work with someone who understands your business and your objectives.

Our aim is to complement your subject matter knowledge with a strategic understanding of what will help your company to promote its brand, capability, achievements, products and services. It is our job to understand your company’s USPs and the viewers’ expectations, that is, to go beyond simple video brochureware to achieve something that will help to grow your company.

Our video service includes pre-production, broadcast cameramen and post-production. In post-production we can help to maximise your investment so that your video works not only as a standalone feature but also functions as part of your communication strategy, whereby extracts and quotes are re-purposed for web, press and e-communications.

In a developing world of social marketing, taking the step to present real people to the world, as opposed to feature lists or bought-in images, signals your intention to promote a relationship with your company and not just transactions.

Why use stock internet photography when your own staff and customers, products and workscapes, tell a more authentic story about your brand and your company. Effective, natural and candid photography, creatively executed, helps ambitious companies to stand out and differentiate themselves in so many 'me too' markets.


In our brand building, sales development and prospect education programmes, good stories, video and photography play an important part. Big brands have made use of recorded media to become successful. Small companies can create competitive advantage by using dynamic mixed media in their websites and presentation material.

B2B and B2C video and photography services to:

  • Help you differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Create a compelling marketing or sales message
  • Develop a 'personality' brand that sells relationship as well as product
  • Improve online user experience and search
  • Extend the visual and verbal aspects of company identity
  • Reach new markets with transcreation and localised messages

Here are some examples of how video can be used to create compelling case studies, capture live events and promote products.

Client case study video (Carillion/Softcat)
Farnborough International Airshow (Surface Hub)
Event overview video (ArcelorMittal/SCI)
Product launch user group (XLCubed, Germany)
Simple exhibition graphic animation
Point of sale demonstrator (Lidl)
Corporate sales video (ATEC)
Simple in-house video (DLX)
Simple company capability animation (iCloud)
Exhibition (Gitex/Fujitsu) demo promoter
Women in Data Overview, UCL (Datatech Analytics)
Client case study video (Carillion/Giles Travel)
Technology capability animation (iCloud)

Mix product, virtual reality, video (pre-sound) (Silent Sentinel)


"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way."  Edward de Bono