What makes up a brand? Your logo or the people in your business?

In the middle of a meeting with a potential new client, they turned to us and asked: what’s the difference between FortuneWest and other agencies? Always a welcome question! J We asked the prospect to hold the question in mind and continued with the presentation. The next slide simply said ‘Meet the team’ and we introduced our whole team to the client. OK, there was some wrangling to get the client back in the meeting room. The team engaged them in our relaxed environment, talked through the projects we were working on, and invited them back to share a spot of lunch and a game of boules. We were completely hi-jacked. The most amazing part of this engagement is that when we returned to meeting room the client said, “I get it. They are the difference; the mix of skills and people in your team, and the way they all get on so well. We could work with them!”

In too many cases, businesses forget “people make the difference”. Your people are your brand, and often business is only as good as they are. That’s why we’ve put our people in our shop window on the website … (even if they hate their photo, ed.)

Great brands are established when client delivery experiences are brilliant. At FortuneWest we not only love our new image and identity, we pride ourselves on our brand and our people. We make sure our clients get to know our people so they understand that they aren’t just buying a logo with no substance behind it. They get the ability to work with skilled professionals who get stuff done.

Why not find out for yourself? Visit us in our barn and understand what we can offer your business. We might even challenge you to a game of boules.