fortunewest old to new

One day, FortuneWest looked in the mirror…

… and decided it was time for a makeover. Since landing in our stunning new barn offices in Maidenhead, we’ve launched our new brand and refreshed our proposition. As part of this process we have added some amazing new members to our team, including the Ronaldo of strategists and the Agatha Christie of copywriters.

Our simplified new website gives you a great understanding of what has changed in our service offering, together with a good sense of how we operate. As an agency, we strongly believe that people buy people and for us it’s all about relationships.

The days of large websites with libraries of content have become outdated and clarity and simplicity have returned. That’s our new motif: simplicity at its smartest.

We’re lucky to have a team of experts, who, if you asked them would represent us in different ways. When we recently shared our new offering to old friends at a show in London, they asked us what FortuneWest is famous for. The answer was simple. If you ask our Strategy expert she would say of course strategy, if you spoke to our Content expert she would say content, our head of design – design. You get the picture. After running through the list of service pillars the client said, “So, actually you are 6 agencies in 1”.  They got it. We are no longer jacks of all trades, we are experts of all. This gives both us and you full control of pinpoint delivery and removes the involvement of multiple partners to ensure the smooth delivery of every project.

Check out below our pillars to understand how FortuneWest can help you. Many agencies have an urgency to get you on board in a retainer relationship. While these can work, the activity offered can be pretty standardised. You soon find yourself being ‘maintained’ rather than ‘developed’. We always look under the hood to identify specific activity that is measurable and ambitious. We have helped some great companies with marketing that draws deep on our intelligent, simple and smart approach. Let’s put it to work to help you achieve your business goals.




If you feel we can help and you want to know more we would love to visit you or welcome you the barn and join us for a team “shared lunch” from the grills, we want you to figure out who we all are. We don’t have sales people that sell people within the business we send our experts straight from the delivery team. So you can see who you will be working with because that’s where the relationship will be berthed.

Please visit the site and see for yourself! It’s at We’d love to see you there.